skills and drills to practice at home

It's HERE!

Below is the link to a list of stretches, strength training and skills to work on at home while we are away from the gym! We have taken the time to break down each drill; giving tips, challenges and instruction for proper form. Our team gymnasts helped us by filming themselves doing the skills at home.…/DAD26U…/4PgJm8S3_0Knp3P8C8J7mg/view…

We recommend that our gymnasts work on these each day so that they can get more familiar with the movement, stronger and more flexible! Gymnasts should only practice the skills that they feel comfortable with since they will not have a coach there to spot. Also make sure that they have an ample amount of space; we do not want our gymnasts hitting a door or table or family member!

We are missing all of our students and families! We have loved seeing photos and videos of our gymnasts practicing! Keep up the good work!