NASA Gymnastics Coaching Staff

John D. Smith


Gym Owner/Retired Coach

John had a vision to not just  establish a gymnastics facility, but to offer an Academy that helped athletes of many sports achieve their personal goals and dreams.  He was instrumental in helping young men and woman not only in gymnastics, but also track and field, spring board diving, ice skating, martial arts and many ball sports.

Linda Smith


Gym Owner/Team Coach

 ​I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old. It was only a tumbling class at first, but later turned into a gymnastics class which began my journey as a coach. I primarily work with our competitive team, however I love to coach all levels and ages! Coaching brings me such joy. It doesn't matter if I am coaching a more difficult skill or something as simple as a handstand or cartwheel. It is very fulfilling as a coach to see success in the children and then the happiness they have when they achieve a new skill they have been working hard to get.  

Tianna Pittman


Gym Manager/ Team and Recreational Coach

 ​I grew up in a household of dancers; with my mom as a ballet instructor and my s​isters and I taking every dance class our studio offered. I danced until I was 16 years old, when I started coaching at NASA Gymnastics for John and Linda Smith. I have always loved fitness, teaching, working with children and I never imagined how strong my love for gymnastics would grow! I am inspired everyday by the kids I work with! I love to see their motivation, help them over come fears, and watch their confidence grow; all while I get to teach them an amazing sport!  Coaching is my passion; I love that there is always more for me to learn and opportunities for me to grow. 

Andrew Smith


Recreational/ Team Coach

With both my parents being gym owners and head coaches, I have been in and around the gym since I was little. Before I started coaching gymnastics at NASA, I coached basketball, flag football, and track & field. I have always enjoyed sports and have had a competitive drive. I love coaching because I get to help show my students how rewarding it is to master a difficult skill when you work hard and never give up. I currently coach Team gymnastics, private  classes, and the Level 1 - 4 Recreational classes. I'm excited to keep furthering my knowledge as a coach! 

Mara Kilbourn


Recreational Coach/ Office Manager 

​I started gymnastics when I was 2 years old and stopped when I was 12 years old. At about age 10, I joined the first ever Trampoline and Tumbling Team at my gym (Gymfinity Gymnastics in Madison, WI). It is really rewarding to coach students who work hard and excel at gymnastics. Coaching at NASA Gymnastics gives me the opportunity to work with students within the community in which I live. Coaching is more than just a job, it truly is a passion and I absolutely love what I do every day!

Kelly Cappellini


Pre-School Coach/Director

 I started gymnastics at the age of 2 in Chicago. My parents were hoping I would simply learn how to fall properly; they had no idea it would become a passion of mine. Gymnastics built a great foundation for me to transition into other sports, like mixed martial arts. To be able to work with this next generation of gymnasts has meant the world to me. When I see a child’s face light up after they've just learned  something new, I get just as excited as the student. NASA is such a great gym and I am fortunate to be a member of the coaching staff. 

Taylor Marshall


Recreational/Pre-School Coach


I spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast for the Victorian Center of Excellence and on my school team at Wantirna College in Melbourne, Australia, competing both nationally and internationally. I retired as a junior elite gymnast in 2008 after moving to Gig Harbor. I currently coach our Pre-School and Recreational gymnastics classes. I am excited  to teach new generations of gymnasts about the sport I love! 

Kendal Walls


Recreational/Pre-School Coach

I began my gymnastics journey at NASA gymnastics when I turned six years old. I am proud to say I have trained levels 1-9 and was coached the key principles of gymnastics by John and Linda Smith. Throughout my childhood, I had always dreamed about becoming a United States competitive gymnast and taking home the gold at regionals. My goal was to one day qualify to regionals and compete with our region, region two, to honor my gym. Unfortunately, I did not get to finish this goal with NASA. I had to move gyms and leave my friends, teammates and amazing coaches. This setback did not stop me from pursuing my dream; it only motivated me to work harder. It was April 16th, 2018 and struggling through the regional competition after landing on my hands and knees on my 3rd event, I had thought for sure it was over and there would be no way I could walk home with the gold. Vault was the last event and it had always been my weakest performance. As I stood there waiting for my turn on the runway, I thought about all the times I was told “Just go out there and do what you always do in practice”. I remembered Coach John always lending me this encouragement. That event, I ended up sticking my Vault and reaching my highest score ever with a 9.8. At the end of the day, I had reached my dream of becoming a level 8 Regional champion despite all the setbacks. My gymnastics journey had taught me it takes a dream to get started, desire to keep going, and determination to finish. This has persuaded me to come back to NASA, my home, and help other young aspiring gymnasts achieve their dreams like my supportive coaches had always done for me

Emmalee VanKomen


 Recreational/Pre-school Coach

NASA Gymnastics is where my career as a gymnast first started. I did gymnastics for four years and reached competitive level four. I love that the sport of gymnastics allows the gymnast to express them self in their own way and to channel their strength and beauty at the same time. Being a coach has allowed me to share my love for gymnastics with my students. Outside of coaching, I love dance, music, traveling, and reading.  

Tiffany Dimond


Recreational Coach

I started gymnastics when I was four and continued until the age of thirteen.  I love that gymnastics is a fun way to workout, making you strong and flexible, without you even knowing it! I enjoy  coaching because I love working with kids and I love seeing their excitement when they finally accomplish the skills they are working hard to get. I coach at NASA because it's an amazing gym with a great system and staff. I always looked up to my coaches when I did gymnastics and I hope that the kids I coach feel the same!  I wish to attend nursing school after graduating!